Outlook 2011 on Mac and Exchange 2003

Unfortunately, Microsoft excluded support for Exchange 2003 in its major upgrade of Office 2011 for Mac. Official reason is that Exchange 2003 is too old, which is of course a weak justification considering that even the latest iOS 4.2 for iPhone/iPod and iPad do support Exchange 2003. But then again, also Apple excluded direct Exchange 2003 support in Mail and iCal on OS/X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

There is a way around this though, using a freely downloadable and open source software called DavMail. Just Google “DavMail Mac binary download” to find the nearest/latest available download location.

  1. Download and install DavMail for Mac OS/X on your Mac.
  2. Start DavMail
  3. In DavMail settings, under Main>Gateway>OWA URL, enter the URL you would normally use for Web Access to your Exchange 2003 account. This should be something like http://servername.yourcompanyname.com/exchange. Ask your IT administrator or look into your Outlook settings under Windows for the exact URL in your particular case.
  4. In Outlook 2011,enter Outlook>Preferences and go to the Accounts section. Create a new IMAP (not Exchange!) account.
  5. Enter your personal data: yourname@yourcompanyname.com as e-mail address, yourdomainname\yourusername as username and  your password.
  6. As incoming server, enter “localhost”. Under incoming server, tick “override default port” and enter 1143 as port number (see DavMail settings).
  7. As outgoing server, enter “localhost”. Under outgoing server, tick “override default port” and enter 1025 as port number (see DavMail settings).
  8. Untick “Use SSL to connect” under both incoming and outgoing server.
  9. Connect to your company network, directly or using VPN.
  10. Start DavMail if you already stopped it.
  11. Start Outlook 2011.
  12. You should now be able to see your mail folders, and to send and retrieve mail.

Calendar support is not possible in Outlook 2011, since it does not support CalDav yet (what a shame!).

LDAP support is foreseen, but too buggy to be useful. I have configured it for my case, which can be done as follows:

  1. Under Outlook>Preferences, add a new LDAP account
  2. As LDAP server, use “localhost”
  3. Tick “Override default port number” and enter port number 1389
  4. Untick “Use SSL to connect”
  5. As authentication method, select “User name and password”
  6. Enter yourdomainname\yourusername as User name
  7. Enter password under Password

This should do the job, but there is a bug leading to the following error message each time you connect to the Exchange LDAP server: “DavMail encountered error: ASN-1 received tag -121 (expected tag 4).

What you can do however is use Apple’s iCal to connect to the Exchange calendar through DavMail, and Apple’s Address book to connect to Exchange LDAP through DavMail.

Now you could rightfully argue that then you might just as well also use Apple’s Mail using IMAP access to your Exchange mail through DavMail, which works perfectly as well. But if you spent the money on Office 2011 anyway, there is one advantage to separating them. I use Apple Mail only for MobileMe and other internet accessible mails, and Outlook for Exchange which is only accessible through intranet. Besides avoiding some hassle, it gives you a better feeling about having spent too much money on another half working Microsoft software package…

One other tip:

With Outlook 2011, you can now directly import .pst files from Windows, without using Emailchemy. Do make sure however that everything you want to enter is in a subfolder of the .pst file. All mails directly under the root of the .pst file will not be imported. This was not a problem with Emailchemy, but it is a bug in Outlook 2011. Again, half working…

Hope this can save you some time finding everything out yourself…


95 Responses to Outlook 2011 on Mac and Exchange 2003

  1. fredp says:

    and avoid and intermediary application/gateway to get your email. While configured as exchange connectivity is forbidden, IMAP works just fine connecting to a exchange 2003 server.

    • guycoen says:

      Direct connectivity like proposed in this comment requires IMAP ports to be exposed on the Exchange server. If they are, this is indeed an easier way. My post was intended for the case where they are not, which I already experienced now at 3 consecutive customers. My experience is that IT administrators are very reluctant to do so, “for security reasons”. Thanks for this valuable clarification.

  2. ralph neugebauer says:

    i have been trying for days to get my mac outlook 2011 to connect to exchange 2003 with davmail. in the setting screen is a “no SSL” tick box which i cant access.
    when i setup outlook to no SSL then i get username and and password error, when i tick in outlook SSL connection i get “SSL not supported byserver”..
    The No SSL mark in davmail are outgreyed, so how can i get a none SSL connection through davmail.

    • guycoen says:

      Normally, SSL is not required. You may want to double check the following settings:
      – Port numbers must match: for example, IMAP default port is 143, but DavMail by default uses 1143. So in Outlook preferences, you have to override the default port and type in 1143.
      – Make sure that in Outlook under account settings, you enter domain\username for user name, and not just username
      – Under DavMail settings in tab Advanced, make sure you have not ticked “Enable EWS”
      – Make sure you disable the proxy while on your company network, either directly or through VPN.

      If you absolutely must use SSL, you may want to check out http://davmail.sourceforge.net/sslsetup.html

  3. mrobertcarr says:

    I followed your clearly written instructions on trying to get MS Office 2011 to display Exchange 2003 email via IMAP. I cannot get it to work. Could this be due to IMAP ports not being exposed on the Exchange server? Your response to fredp wasn’t so clear.

    • guycoen says:

      It is certainly not due to IMAP ports not being exposed on the Exchange 2003 server. If they would be exposed, then you would not need DavMail. Are you sure that DavMail is running on your machine? Please look into the DavMail log file (right click on the DavMail icon in the upper right corner of your screen and choose log file). Are there any entries in there hinting you at the right solution for your problem?

  4. MattG says:

    I had tried to configure DavMail unsucessfully but using
    the instructions from your blog worked perfectly…..even the 2011

    • Reinhard says:

      MattG can you please tell me what you did configure in outlook?
      I also tried it with the instructions on this side but the calendar and the address book do not work.

  5. DerekR says:

    Thank you for the detailed instructions. While I can receive email, and outlook has downloaded the inbox messages from the exchange server, I can’t send mail out, prompting this error message:

    Error : davmail.exception.DavMailException: Unable to create message /exchange/drichter/Drafts/3b8b8662-af06-45d9-983a-ef8e74c3b14f.EML: 302 HTTP/1.1 302 Object Moved Unable to create message /exchange/drichter/Drafts/3b8b8662-af06-45d9-983a-ef8e74c3b14f.EML: 302 HTTP/1.1 302 Object Moved

    Any Ideas?

    • RIcardo Carlini says:

      I had the same problem. In my case I needed to change the OWA url. After that it worked properly.

      • JL says:

        I’m also having an issue at this step. I can receive email just fine but get the following error message when I try to send mail out.

        Authentication Required
        Mail could not be sent

        Error code -17099

        I have tried changing the OWA settings but they appear to be correct.

        Any help is much appreciated.

      • Kevin says:

        Same issue as JL was there a solution?


      • BdB says:

        I’m also having an issue at this step. I can receive email just fine but get the following error message when I try to send mail out.

        Authentication Required
        Mail could not be sent

        Error code -17099

        I have tried changing the OWA settings but they appear to be correct. Anybody found a solution?

  6. AndrewW says:

    I got DAVMail configured and working for everything except LDAP lookup in Outlook. You’re right about getting the error: ASN-1 received tag -121 (expected tag 4).

    However, the search will return “No matches found for xxx” where xxx stands in for the individual being searched for.

    I’ve tried everything but can’t get Outlook to return searches on LDAP directories.

    There is one other annoying issue that poses a problem if your mailbox is huge like mine (I have over 7K messages). Outlook will keep complaining that “An operation on the server timed out. The server may be down, overloaded, or there may be too much net traffic.”

    LDAP searches work fine in AddressBook using either a CardDAV account or an LDAP account, but I just can’t get it to work in Outlook. It’s most frustrating.

    How did you get LDAP searches to work in Outlook? I did exactly what you did and yet I still cannot get Outlook to return any meaningful results.

    Any tip to get it working would be most appreciated.


  7. Regarding Outlook 2011’s ability to import pst-files it should be noted that the importer is pretty buggy. I tried several (large) files and it crashed more often than not. Only solution was to break down the files into (very) small pieces and import those one by one (which cost me more than a day to do!). And when Outlook didn’t crash it was still buggy as it lost addresses (sent by…) in mail-messages.

    BTW, I am now a happy user of DAVMail as well. But has anybody figured out a way to use the CardDAV protocol with Apple’s address book ?

  8. Adam Fowler says:

    I’ve been trying for weeks to get this working (MacOutlook2011 connecting to a work Exchange Server 2003). Finally, I tried out DavMail, but first with Apple Mail which still didn’t work. Then, after reading your instructions, I got it working today with Outlook2011 (which is what I wanted anyway – not Mail). No LDAP, but I can live without that for now.

  9. chad clark says:

    Thank you for the step by step instructions it is very helpful. I did have two questions. Every time I attempt to send an email is declined with the message,”authentication required,” additionally, there are times where the connection will simply go out. Any thoughts on either of these fronts. Thanks again.

  10. Troy McGuire says:

    I did everything and worked for awhile but now it says that “authentication required” when I tried to send anything out. I get email but can’t send it out.
    Please help anyone!!!! Driving me crazy….

    • Mikey Dunn says:

      If you are receiving the error “Authentication Required” while trying to send an email through your exchange server, this is because the default authentication fields for an IMAP account in Outlook 2011 are blank. Here’s how I fixed the issue.

      In Outlook 2011, go to Account Settings. Select the IMAP account that you set up for your exchange account. At the bottom of the page, select ‘More Options’. Change your authentication method to ‘User Name and Password’ and enter in your credentials.

      Save and exit and resend your emails. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  11. jhuynh says:

    thanks!!! I got it to work!

  12. Neeraj Singh says:

    First of all, thanks a lot to Guy……..

    If some one like to remove the dock icon of devMail please follow these step……………. Try it at your own risk………….

    1: command + Click on the DevMail Icon in the dock it will open the finder where DevMail is located.

    2: Control + Click on the DevMail icon and click on the “Show Package Contents”

    3: Now open the Contents folder and then open the “info.plist” file

    4: it will launch the file in Property List Editor and now add one property LSUIElement in it and select the check box. save the file.

    5: Relaunch the DevMail and Dock icon will not be there but the MenuBar icon will be there.

    6. Enjoy……..


  13. Chris says:

    Great Post! I have this all set up and can receive and send mail. I cannot, however, move messages from one folder to another or delete messages. When I try to do so, I get the following error:

    404 Not Found at https://myserver.com/exchange/myname/Inbox/folder/Fwd: message.EML to Destination: /exchange/myname/Inbox/b1fb6534-a350-49c6-b8f0-06010f7ff4ec

    Any ideas on how I can fix this so I can move and delete messages? THX!

  14. Frank says:

    Solution works fine, only a shame that I have to use iCal for Calendar, anyhow, they both sync perfectly now, one tip only:

    received ‘unable to add message to imap mailbox’ message every time I sent an email (it did send the mail though), you can resolve this by adjusting:
    Accounts–>Advanced–>Folders, choose the correct one on the server

  15. buji says:

    hi there! can anyone share with me how to configure iCal for calendar? the mail works perfectly as per instruction above 😉 appreciate your kind help.

  16. Lay says:

    Works fine for me! Thank you very much! 🙂

  17. Brian says:

    I tried this but keep getting an IMAP 17492 error. Any ideas??

    • guycoen says:

      What I would try is to connect first with Mail.app (the standard Apple mail software), to see if this works with your Exchange 2003 / DavMail / IMAP setup. This can help to narrow down the problem to Outlook or context related.
      Another interesting test is to try and connect from different networks (wired versus wireless, corporate LAN versus WAN+VPN) to rule out network related problems.

  18. n451 says:

    Guy, thanks SOOO MUCH for writing this post!!!

    I spent months looking for a solution like this.

  19. iwatte says:

    guycoen, thanks. It works perfectly. Cheers!

  20. This is a great solution…if only I could get it to work. I keep getting a bad username/password error. I’ve tried every combo of my username and password (server\username, or just username or just email address) with no luck at all. Anyone have that happen?

    • guycoen says:

      Are you sure that your account has not been blocked in the mean time, with such a trial and error approach? Another possibility is that your current password has expired. Many IT departments require you to change your password on a regular basis.
      To find out, try logging into your account on Windows or to read your mail using Outlook or Webmail.

  21. Mike Witmer says:

    The only issue I’m running into is that all my sent items stay in the outbox rather than move to the sent folder. Granted, they’re still being received on the other end.

    Any ideas?

  22. Lisa says:

    For outgoing mail server (under advanced settings) choose use same settings as my incoming mail server. This will get rid of sending authentication errors.

  23. Patrick Schutte says:

    Thanks for setting this blog up…saved me a lot of frustration being a Mac guy on an island of PCs and old Exchange!!!

  24. David Baird says:

    My IT Administrator left the following comment:

    I tried to get Davmail working but our Exchange system uses what is called HTTP SSL for security and it is not something we will be able to do with DAVMAIL… Sorry I couldn’t help .

    I was hoping what you had posted above would be my solution of not being able to get my MacBook with Office for Mac and Apple Mail working and integrating my company mail. I have no idea if what he says above is a limiting factor to me getting in. Can someone tell me what I can do or offer suggestions please?


  25. ilmat says:

    Thank-you – this is brilliant! I was so worried I couldn’t download my emails to Microsoft Outlook 2011, but this has saved the day. Thank-you so much 😉

  26. Melinda says:

    Thank you!!!!! This worked!

  27. Chirag Shah says:

    Any info on Authentication error? I get that every time i send mail. Retrieving has no problems.

  28. Almus says:

    Hi GUy..fist of all thanks a lot for this solution..but i am having an issue with public folder. i can’t access the public folder under tools tab. its disable. I got some important email notification under my public folder. can you please help me with this. thanks

    • Stefano says:

      Hi Guy, i setup DavMail accordingly to your instructions and it worked perfectly.It imported over 1K email (in different batches of course) but now i am stuck at the last 34…it connects to my exchange server un til the timeout error msg come up…what can it be?


  29. RPinkett says:

    This was INCREDIBLY helpful. Thank you for posting this.

  30. Oinky_a_Pest says:

    After reading all the above comments, I still cannot send emails, I keep getting the error code: -17997 “Unexpected data was encountered”

    • Oinky_a_Pest says:

      My Entourage is working, but I’m trying to use the Outlook, but It has been a dead end for me. Does anyone know what other things I could do to get it working?

  31. Taurus_Bull says:

    Awesome Utility and Awesome guide. Three cheers to Author.

    When my company refused to put me on Ms Exchange i was about to spend anther 200 USD on the VM and other ms products.

    Then came this utility and guide, Wow what can i say!. Every thing worked for me first go, i am amazed and thrilled.

    thanks a ton for this.


  32. GREDDIE says:

    Guy, Great post you allowed me to get my new MacBook Air working with Outlook to my company Exchange 2003 server.

    Many many many thanks,

  33. GREDDIE says:

    Just followed the LDAP Calendar instrcutions for Outlook too and it worked perfectly again, thank you ! 🙂

    If someone productised the DAVMail program and developed some installers and instructions you have to think there is money to be made here…

    anyway thanks again.

  34. Chat Hong says:

    Thanks for the brilliant stuffs…Outlook is running smoothly. Any chance on Office Communicator? 🙂 I tried but didn’t work.

  35. Chat Hong says:

    Would appreciate if you could provide guidance on Address Book as well…Thanks.

    • guycoen says:

      Address book settings are very well explained on the Davmail site. Keep in mind though that this works on OS/X versions up to Snow Leopard, but not (yet) on Lion.

  36. rsrc1147 says:

    Hi – nice article – I can’t get the LDAP to do anything in outlook 2011 but can get all the contacts up in Address Book through DavMail. When I try to choose to sync with that address book account from outlook though, it only shows contacts on my computer, account I actually want to sync with isn’t listed. Any advice would be very gratefully received!]

  37. DNelson says:

    outlook can not connect to the server. error -3260. any idea where I went wrong?

    • David says:

      I have the same problem, i could download the first time it synced almost my 12k e-mails but now it keeps sending that message.

  38. Trevor says:

    LEGEND! Thanks so much, this worked a charm!

  39. Selma says:

    Hi, all — I’m in the same boat. Exchange 2003 and Lion. I don’t have Outlook 2011 and eventually got Davmail to work with Mac mail. But…. it seems to take for-EVER to download the mail and for each message to open. Yahoo mail and gmail just pop right in, but the exchange mail takes a really long time. Any ideas?

  40. riclf says:

    any updates to this very useful writing for the latest version of davMail as implemented on Lion ? Mail and Calendar were pretty easy to get going. I’m having problems with fields appearing to be new in Lion in trying to get Contacts into Address Book from Exchange 2003. Thx.

  41. Oinky_a_Pest says:

    We all attempted using the Outlook on our Mac’s using Exchange 2003, we can receive emails but can’t send emails. Tried everything, hoping the IT Dept. will upgrade the exchange server, in the mean time we are back to using Entourage.

  42. I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I¡¦ll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?

  43. pccrf says:

    It seems that davmail is not running now with Lion 10.7.3, I attempted using the Outlook, as before, on my Mac’s using Exchange 2003, I can receive emails but can’t send emails.
    I have the following message : Error : davmail.exception.DavMailException: Unable to create message /exchange/name/Drafts/
    Somebody can help me ?

  44. Jeff says:

    Hello Guy,

    Many thanks. If you can help me on the following I’d be grateful:

    I use Entourage and would like to switch to Apple Mail. My email (at a university) is an Exchange server and I believe it does not support IMAP. Can you tell me if and how I can use DavMail (settings?) to work with Mail? Again, thanks a lot. This is a real service that you are providing folks. Jeff (jruth@esu.edu)

  45. John Daniel says:

    Thank so much for your help. I am now able to access my 2003 exchange account. The only problem I still have is it always Times out and it takes forever to get it to work again. and y ideas?

  46. Tania Marszalek says:

    Hi There

    Does this option allow for multiple mailboxes, as I need access to three different ones.


  47. James says:

    I was able to get Outlook 2011 working with my Exchange 2003 environment using Davmail; however, I notice that I receive duplicate messages when someone replies to me… If I disable davmail, the duplicate messages do not occur.

    Any thoughts on what might be happening here?

  48. Phillip says:

    Figure out how to make LDAP work properly…need to add your Organizational Unit under Advanced. ‘ou=people’ seems to do the trick.

  49. Amy says:

    I just followed all the instructions to a tee, and I am getting this after I set up the IMAP:

    The server for account “Amy Schwartz” returned the error “LOGIN failed.” Your username/password or security settings may be incorrect. Would you like to try re-entering your password?

    What do I do? I am positive my password is right! I have the OWA URL as:


    and then my user name as


    Thank you!

  50. Dandy says:

    THX for this Howto but i have a easier way without DAVMAIL.
    You must start on your Exchange Server the IMAP service.
    After that u can configure a IMAP Account in Outlook 2011.
    Setting up with your logins.
    By me it does work without domain\username.
    I only had used username and password.
    Because i´m directly connectet with local Network, or at home over IPSec i had typen only my IP adress from the Server in incomming and outgoing Server.

    You must setup by outgoing advanced settings your username and password again.
    Untip by all two SSL

    After that Outlook connects to your Exchange account.
    Now u must go to Settings, and than the first general settings.
    The setups are that it should not group same folders together. And it should not show local folders.
    Than u have to leave the menus. After that go to extras and select IMAP Folders than choose your your exchange folders what u will sync in outlook.

    Attention!!. You must now select deletet Objects and send Objects. Im from germany, by me it is Gelöschte Objekte and Gesendete Objekte.

    After that you must go back to the Account settings and click to advanced. Go to folders and select the new deleted and send folders. By me it was there a problem, that as standard was not select the folders from server. By me it was a deleted elements and send elements

    Hope this helps. By me it is working very well without DAVMail and it sync every 2 minutes.

    regards Dandy

    • Dandy says:

      I forgot. When u are starting the IMAP Service, you must start the virtual IMAP server in the exchange Manager, too. And u must give access in the user setup that the user can connect with a IMAP Client.

  51. Koos Haakma says:

    Thanks! I’am using Davmail, outlook 2011 and exchange 2003. Worked within minutes, both on outlook 2011 and mac mail. Most important for me:
    – Filling in the right OWA url
    – Setting the additional option for the authentication of the outgoing server as ” using the incoming server”



  52. SI says:


    We have tried all of the above and we can send email but cant recieve but cant send. Any ideas?????

    Thank you OB1 your are my only hope! lol

  53. Stacey says:

    Here is my situation. I am running Office 2011 on my MacBook Pro and have Cicso any Connect VPN on my computer. My company uses Outlook 2003 which I usually get to through webmail but I would like to get to my personal folders… I was excited to see this page so I downloaded DavMail and I cannot get them working together. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong?

  54. pTreeNasonjm says:

    Excellent weblog, lots of valuable facts.

  55. marshalhubs says:

    If you can send but not receive it means due to bad POP or IMAP configuration it is happening. To resolve your issue follow these steps:

    You can try re-entering info.
    You can delete account and create a new one.
    Using copy/paste can result in an extra space being added. Type carefully.
    Check your Keychain for corruption.
    Check under advanced settings.

    Most ISPs require advanced settings now for SMTP. Check the website for exact info on SSL and ports.

  56. Amr Moghazy says:

    I have only one issue if any one can help my with it.

    I’m connected to the exchange now. all the emails synced on the subfolders under the inbox and i can see it all except the inbox email. i can not retrive it.

    I’m using the outlook 2011

    I need your help.

  57. Mero says:

    Need help please.
    after i read the email it is not syncing back with the exchange server to mark read

    your help please.

  58. Carl says:

    I can get davmail to work for outlook 2011 but not for the native mac mail client(although sending is ok but not receiving). I have put the default domain in the davmail settings.
    Any ideas why it should fail for the native email client.

  59. Dan says:

    OSX 10.8.2
    outlook 2011
    davmail 4.1.0-2042
    Exchange 2003

    Whenever I move or delete a message from any outlook 2011 folders I get the following behaviour:

    (a) outlook 2011 shows the message in its new folder and deletes the message in the original folder. OK

    (b) exchange server correctly shows the message in its new folder. OK (iphone, OWA via browser and an old copy of Entourage 2004 all confirm this)

    (c) exchange server shows a copy of the message still in its original folder NOT OK (iphone, OWA via browser and an old copy of Entourage 2004 all confirm this)

    I gather from reading this forum that moving messages is not supported on IMAP so it must be done with copy then delete. I think this is supposed to be handled by setting Davmail’s Advanced-IMAPAutoExpunge setting to true (check box checked).

    Outlook appears to expunge the message but Exchange doesn’t, making it visible from other platforms (i.e. iPhone, browser, entourage and probably OutlookForWindows if I had a working copy)

    Any tips on how to resolve this errant behaviour?
    Anyone else struggled with this?

    thanks in advance, Dan

  60. Ken George says:

    Kudos on this article. It works great after starting the IMAP service on our Exchange 2003 server. I love my mac and now can stop using two portables to do work. It will be much nicer to use Office 2011 on the mac with outlook now rather than OWA brewer access. Thank you.

  61. khregs says:

    Thank you!!

    Have this working now to allow my Mac to connect to my corporate mail, calendars and directory.

    Address Book and iCal are slightly different under 10.7. Detailed instructions found here:

  62. Mike says:

    Thanks a ton. I have read lots of threads on this topic and gave up a long time ago. I just tried your steps and in 2 minutes it was up and running. Thanks!

  63. Awesome!! Thank you very much….. helped me a lot and configured so quickly…. emails are working fine

  64. babs says:

    Thanks it worked with me…but left with two issues;

    1. It is downloading 7000 emails from the server, where its taking too much of time than expected. That leaves no new incoming emails but still downloading the old ones.

    2. The connection to the server gets disconnected very often.

    can anyone help me please?

  65. babs says:

    ….it worked perfectly for 2 days after downloading 7000 mails, but incoming messages are stuck with the message “selecting mailbox”..any idea…anyone please ?

  66. mcsemeister says:

    at khregs
    Thank you for your detailed instruction. But on Mountain Lion some things do not work. First, I do not have caldav support in adress book anymore. Just carddav. And LDAP seems not to work. At least I can see no adresses from our companys global adress book.
    Email and calendar works, ok.

  67. Nate Lowrey says:


    After my email’s from Exchange all downloaded, I was able to view them all just fine. However, I am getting an authentication error when sending from Outlook.

    Any tips on this ?

  68. Luca says:

    Hi all, this is a great solution and I successfully set up my system. Unfortunately, I have a problem sending emails outside my organizations domain, meaning that I can only send to those emails that end like mine. Occasionally (i.e. perhaps 10% of the time) emails do go to addresses such as gmail or others. We are going crazy, the behavior is erratic so it’s difficult to pinpoint the issue. Apparently colleagues on same machines (but different countries) have not had the same problems. Could it have something to do with the connection? (I travel so change network very often).
    I am on OS X 10.9.2, any help is greatly appreciated.

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